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Azure Solutions Launches Fraud Bureau Service To Asia-Pacific Telcos


Hosted solution to provide rapid world-class fraud-detection capability with significantly lower costs

August 31, 2005, London - Azure Solutions, the global telecoms revenue assurance company, today announced the availability of its industry-leading Fraud Bureau Service to telecoms operators in the Asia-Pacific region. Operators in Asia Pacific are currently losing 13.8 per cent of revenue on average though leakage compared to 4.8 per cent in western Europe (Azure Solutions/Analysys 2004). One of the main causes of loss is the large-scale fraudulent avoidance of paying international direct dialing (IDD) and long-distance fees.

The Azure Fraud Bureau is the world’s largest bureau service and is already being used by BT internationally and number of operators in central Asia. It is a fully-hosted service providing operators with the capability to monitor fraud on a 24/7 basis without the associated capital expenditure of installing an in-house fraud solution. The service is paid for on a monthly
basis which eliminates annual licence, maintenance and hardware charges. It can be deployed as a fully or partially outsourced solution with the result that operators can efficiently manage costs and resources but at the same
time have effective fraud-detection capability in place.

The Azure Fraud Bureau Service is powered by Azure’s Fraud Control System, which utilises the very latest intelligent and unique fraud-detection technology, and accepts multiple data feeds to allow all types of product or service (fixed, mobile, interconnect, IP, etc) to be monitored. The unique features of the system provide operators with many benefits including
the ability to:

  • flexibly configure, control and define fraud detection rules, enabling rapid system change for new services or types of data
  • identify fraudsters and criminal activity through event fingerprinting
  • monitor SMS and IP content to provide fraud detection for m-commerce and next-generation technologies.

"The communications industry has long been waiting for a comprehensive fraud bureau service from a credible supplier" says David Pullen, CEO of the specialised fraud and revenue assurance consulting company, FML. "Azure has
a proven capability in massive bureau implementations with very high security standards in place to meet the demands of its client base - this should overcome the fears that many have about protecting sensitive data. Access to a functionally-rich solution that is remotely hosted brings the opportunity for genuine outsourcing to communications fraud management and
finance teams globally."

John Cronin, president and CEO of Azure Solutions, said: “Detecting fraud is a key part of any revenue-assurance program, especially in emerging markets such as Asia-Pacific. The Azure Fraud Bureau service provides operators with cost-effective 24/7 fraud-detection capability, enabling them to protect revenues on both current and next-generation services without the
upfront pressures of any capex.”

About Azure Solutions (www.azuresolutions.com)
Azure Solutions is the world’s largest revenue-assurance company. It is headquartered in London, with people in Westminster (Colorado), Ipswich, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Islamabad, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Mexico City. Azure’s end-to-end revenue-assurance product portfolio for current-generation networks includes Data Integrity, Wholesale and Interconnect Billing, International Settlements, Fraud Management, Mediation, Management, Translation and Rating, Event Integrity and Route Optimisation. Azure has launched Azure
Inter-Party Management and Azure Fraud Control System as the first products in its next-generation portfolio. Azure provides individual products or complete revenue-assurance solutions using a common platform and any combination of products that a customer might need. Customers can choose a system that they own and operate themselves or a bureau that Azure manages on their behalf. Azure has over 60 customers across the world comprising PTTs, mobile operators, national operators, carrier’s carrier and cable TV companies. Azure has significant carrier experience and understands the
problems faced by all these operators.

The company’s heritage can be traced back to BT in the early 1990s. Azure was spun out of BT in April 2003 and is backed by New Venture Partners, Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures and Intel Capital. Recently Azure won the ‘Best Revenue-Assurance Project’ award at the World Billing Awards 2005 in London, and ‘Most Promising Company’ at the TeleStrategies Billing & OSS World Excellence Awards 2005 in Philadelphia.

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