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Tango Telecom sets new performance standards for Diameter Routing

10:20 am   -   January 29th, 2013

Tango Telecom, (, the leading provider of Policy and Charging Control and Advanced Messaging Solutions, has announced unprecedented performance figures for its Diameter Signalling Controller – iAX™ DSC.

In recent tests, iAX™ DSC has achieved a sustained performance of over 220,000 diameter messages per second per blade, based on dual CPU blades with Intel Xeon X5670’s clocked at 2.93Ghz and running at 70% CPU utilization. The system delivers over 1,500,000 messages per second from a single blade chassis in a fully redundant configuration, demonstrating unprecedented scalability from commodity computing elements. iAX™ DSC has been deployed with several operators as a key component of Tango Telecom’s next generation Policy architecture.

The DSC can be configured to meet specific network requirements including but not limited to the following:
• As a 3GPP compliant Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) for Policy to enable key functions such as session binding, load balancing, failover and intelligent routing
• As a Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) as outlined in the GSMA guidelines, to faciliate seamless roaming for LTE subscribers while ensuring network security with effective topology hiding
• As a 3GPP compliant Inter-Working Function (IWF) to reduce the cost and complexity of adding new network elements
Tango Telecom’s Diameter Signalling Controller avoids the need for complex integration and customisations as operators’ grow their networks; reducing the cost and time of new implementions while increasing overall network reliability and scalability.