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Portugal Telecom and Powa sign mobile payments partnership

8:01 am   -   February 5th, 2013

Portugal Telecom Group and Powa have established a partnership to bring mobile payment services to the small businesses and to the SOHO segments thus enlarging the existing payments market in Portugal.

The breakthrough agreement, the first of its kind in Europe, will see Portugal Telecom employing the white label service offered by mPowa. The all-platform mobile payment deal also anticipates deals in other markets around the world, mainly Brazil and Africa, where Portugal Telecom is present.

In addition, there are ongoing talks for Portugal Telecom Group to offer Powa’s eCommerce platform to its customers.

Portugal Telecom is a global telecommunications operator with 100 million clients worldwide. In Portugal, where it holds a leading position in the markets in which operates, PT provides a wide portfolio of telecoms, multimedia and IT and fixed and mobile convergent services, including broadband access, voice and television, acting in all segments of the telecommunications sector: personal, residential, enterprise solutions and wholesale. Portugal Telecom assumes itself as the leading Portuguese telecoms operator with a wide and solid international presence, particularly in Brazil and Africa. PT has a diversified business portfolio in which quality and innovation are key aspects, aiming at positioning PT as a leading edge operator in the international arena.