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DBS Communications Launches MVNE Division; Versent Mobile(SM) enables brand growth with private-label mobile wireless communications solutions

1:49 am   -   February 7th, 2006

DBS Communications Inc. (DBS), an independent provider of prepaid wireless services since 1998, today formally announced the launch of its enablement division, Versent Mobile, to serve the fast growing private label wireless MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) space. Versent Mobile enables private label wireless offerings for organizations that lack the operational or technological infrastructure to wirelessly enable their own brands. The unique, essential elements Versent Mobile brings to MVNOs include a complete end-to-end enablement methodology; provisioning, billing, retail and customer care technology platforms; wholesale carrier airtime access on national GSM and CDMA networks; and proven operational expertise in designing, launching, and running profitable wireless service offerings.

“The Versent Mobile enablement division is a natural extension of our capabilities,” said Larry P. Roches, chairman and CEO of DBS Communications. “Over the past 8 years we’ve been running our own MVNO, EZlink, and through this experience have refined the processes that reduce cost, streamline complexity, and ensure success for our brands and our partners’ brands.”

Versent Mobile has successfully developed, launched and operated private label wireless services for some of the most progressive mobile communications solution providers in the U.S. including EZlink and Firefly Mobile. The EZlink suite of MVNO offerings serves urban ethnic markets across the U.S. with pre-paid wireless and is currently available at over 3,000 retailers. Firefly Mobile’s Firefly phone the “Mobile Phone for Mobile Kids(TM)” serves the tween market and is now available in Target, Toys-R-Us, and Limited Too retail stores across the country.

“There is no way we would have made our slot date with Target without Versent,” said Robin Abrams, Firefly Mobile CEO. “Their willingness to go above and beyond the call to assist with rapid device certification, custom system design and development and proprietary systems integration to brand new fulfillment processes made Firefly Mobile a reality. The entire Versent team did an outstanding job in helping us get to market. In the process, Versent has become more than a partner – they are a key component to our success.”

Versent Mobile’s Methodology

Most MVNOs wish to leverage their strength in distribution, brand, or content, but do not possess or wish to invest deeply in the infrastructure necessary to bring a wireless service to market. To transform the array of underlying telecom complexity into a profitable MVNO solution, most turn to proven mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs).

Versent Mobile’s enablement methodology addresses all aspects of designing and launching an MVNO service, getting partners to market profitably with a spectrum of offerings including a rapid turnkey, completely customized or flexible hybrid solution. This methodology begins with a detailed business planning process to ensure that the MVNO’s assets, target markets, and execution strategies are carefully considered before a path is chosen. The methodology comprises business and financial modeling; distribution and logistics; handset, network and service plan design; provisioning, billing and revenue assurance; customer care and analytics.

Launching a private label wireless service with Versent Mobile allows companies to:

– Extend – their brand position, mindshare and walletshare

– Drive – recurring traffic to their business

– Deliver – content assets to new customers via new channels

– Connect – directly with customers on an enduring basis

– Analyze – data regarding customer behavior

– Introduce – new and profitable revenue streams

Versent Mobile will continue to leverage DBS’ experienced team of technology professionals, wholesale carrier access contracts, and partnerships with organizations like Cingular, Sprint, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Brightstar, Vesta, Incomm, Axalto, Gemstar and others to successfully launch new MVNOs in a cost-effective manner.

Versent Mobile Delivers
“Private label wireless represents a tremendous window of opportunity for the right kind of company to dramatically and profitably expand their brand equity and consumer mindshare,” said Scott Merkle, senior vice president of Versent Mobile. “The network effect that wireless can provide to the rest of a brand’s business is exponential. At Versent Mobile we deliver with professionalism and integrity, and we share risk and reward with our partners. The value of our technology platforms, carrier airtime access, and operational expertise ensures that our partners achieve success.”

For companies interested in an MVNO strategy, please contact Versent Mobile at or learn more at

About Versent Mobile(SM)
Based in Schaumburg, Illinois, Versent Mobile is the enablement division of DBS Communications. As a full-service mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE), Versent Mobile creates and manages wireless communication services for marketing and sales organizations across multiple distribution channels. For more information please visit, email, or call 847-348-1900.

About DBS Communications
Based in Schaumburg, Illinois, DBS Communications is an independent provider of prepaid wireless services. Offering integrated solutions with nationwide wireless carrier partners Cingular and Sprint, DBS delivers high levels of customer care and innovative prepaid wireless products across multiple distribution channels for customers and enablement partners.

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