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Computaris EU 2014 Roaming Regulations Solution

8:41 am   -   September 2nd, 2013

Computaris, an R Systems business, leading system integration, consultancy and outsourcing company in the communication industry has recently launched a solution in anticipation of the EU Roaming Regulations due to be enforced by July 2014. The development and delivery of the EU Regulations 2014 platform is a natural extension for Computaris in the specific context of roaming, signaling, charging and in the larger context of telecom, where more than 70 customers worldwide enjoy Computaris solutions and professional services worldwide.

Starting with 1st of July 2014, operators must allow their subscribers to purchase roaming services from alternative roaming providers (ARPs) distinctively from their domestic provider while keeping their mobile number. The legal base is laid in Regulations 531/2013 and 1203/2012. An Alternative Roaming Provider can be either an existing or a new entity that will begin to operate in EU in a similar way as the mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) by offering roaming services to business travelers, tourists and other consumer segments.

Additionally, MNOs and MVNOs are allowed to support Local Break Out (LBO) in order to offer data-only services to inbound roamers. These new regulations of the EU on roaming unbundling are part of a larger set of directives aimed at creating a diverse landscape for roaming services and enhance consumer’s choice and awareness of roaming prices.

Computaris solution is based on the same platform used to deliver roaming and MVNO services in other regulatory and non-regulatory contexts. The underlying technology is based on open standards, offering expansion possibilities beyond EUREG3 and is trusted by major operators, already being deployed by tens of operators worldwide; it supports thousands of transactions per second, in a carrier grade, redundant mode.

Computaris is the mobile telecom arm of the R Systems Group, a global information technology and business process outsourcing services company having solid engagements with independent software vendors (ISVs), Fortune 1000 companies, federal government and mid-sized organizations across a wide range of industry verticals including Banking and Finance, Telecom and Media, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Logistics. Computaris specializes in system integration, BSS (Billing Support Systems) technical consultancy and software development for communication services providers (CSPs) and software vendors (ISVs) in Europe, India, Asia and North America. It provides the highest level of telecom expertise in real time rating and charging, broadband data policy management, messaging, provisioning, mediation, subscriber data management, loyalty and churn management. Besides this, its expertise spans over Digital Media IPTV and DVB, Credit Management and Revenue collections solutions.