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TEOCO Corporation Acquires Vibrant Solutions

11:07 pm   -   October 16th, 2006

TEOCO, a leading provider of cost and revenue management solutions to the communications and entertainment industries, has acquired Vibrant Solutions Carrier Cost Management and Business Intelligence business which includes: ViewLogic, Acuity and Cost of Access software systems as well as the trademarks of Vibrant Solutions and HyperAnalytics. (more…)

Vibrant Solutions to Provide ViewLogic Cost Management to MetroPCS

11:21 pm   -   August 8th, 2006

Vibrant Solutions, a leader in telecom business intelligence and analytics, has announced that MetroPCS Communications, Inc. is deploying Vibrant Solutions’ ViewLogic Cost Management, the leading product in performance expense management.

“As our business continues to grow, we recognize the need for a reliable cost management solution,” said Braxton Carter, senior vice president and CFO of MetroPCS. “Vibrant Solutions had just what we were looking for. Not only does ViewLogic help us better understand and control our costs, but using it as a hosted application allows us to have secure access to our data at any time without having to manage data storage and back-up ourselves.”

MetroPCS Communications, Inc., a Dallas-based wireless communications provider with more than 2 million customers, will use ViewLogic as a hosted application to automate its cost management operations. ViewLogic will provide MetroPCS with a workflow engine that controls all invoice processing and dispute management tasks. ViewLogic also includes a central repository for cost information and an intuitive reporting tool that enables users to access the data, supporting a broad array of analytic tasks. (more…)

Vibrant Solutions to Discuss Ways to Improve Carrier Profitability at Upcoming Conference – Susan McNeice to Speak at CCMI Event

1:29 am   -   March 18th, 2006

With the emergence of the triple play and fixed-wireline convergence, telecommunications carriers have an exciting opportunity to reduce churn and improve their margins. But to do so effectively, they will need to employ business intelligence solutions to gain insight into what combination of products are most profitable for their targeted customer base.

Driving profitability from every product offering and customer will be the focus of an upcoming speaking engagement featuring Susan McNeice, Vibrant Solutions’ director of marketing. McNeice who has an extensive background in telecom operations, including, billing, IT and program management has published several articles on telecom operations, including revenue assurance, business intelligence, carrier profitability, IT project management and corporate governance. (more…)

Automation of International Dial Code Data Could Improve Profitability of Interconnect Agreements

2:39 am   -   March 1st, 2006

As telecommunications competition has become more prevalent worldwide and numerous new mobile networks have entered the market, carriers are faced with a complex web of frequently changing dial code plans that can be difficult to monitor and update. Complicating the issue even more is that many carriers continue to use the same manual methods “such as extensive Excel spreadsheets” to verify costs for completing calls over other networks. (more…)

Vibrant Solutions Director of Business Intelligence Yves Robinson to Present at MVNO Strategies and Markets USA in San Jose

8:38 pm   -   February 24th, 2006

Yves Robinson, Director of Business Intelligence, Vibrant Solutions, will discuss how MVNOs can identify and target underserved markets. As director of Business Intelligence for Vibrant Solutions, Yves Robinson is responsible for the company’s analytics engagements, setting technology product direction, consulting to customers on their needs and overseeing research and development for the portfolio.  (more…)

Business Intelligence Maximizes Profitability By Giving Telecom Carriers Full View Of Financial And Operational Data

2:53 am   -   October 25th, 2005

Business intelligence derived from telecom network and operational data gives carrier executives a better understanding of customer behavior, which in turn reduces costs and maximizes profitability, Jim Hayden, vice president of Business Intelligence for Vibrant Solutions, told Billing World & OSS Today in its October 2005 issue.

In an article entitled, “Using Business Intelligence to Improve Profit Margins,” Hayden said that carriers “should get to a point where they can pull important data into a central location for one view of what’s going on as their baseline. By considering all the pertinent data from all of their silos, carriers can derive one view – separated by customer, by product or by region.”

But, he noted, to attain this vital information, carriers must go “beyond an audit report dumped on a desk. Rather carriers have to focus on attaining partners who help them recover the assets hidden in the pages of those reports.”

Vibrant Solutions assists carriers in mining these valuable, profit-maximizing gems from the raw data provided by billing and OSS systems, as well as other databases. Vibrant Solutions combines its industry expertise, innovative data mining techniques, tera-scale processing technology with unmatched speed and scale, and expert project management to deliver unprecedented business insight into the data produced by carriers’ network and systems.

Vibrant Solutions Delivers Enhanced Power To Telecom Carriers With New Release Of Viewlogic 7 Software

2:54 am   -   October 11th, 2005

Vibrant Solutions today announced key upgrades to ViewLogic 7, its third-generation cost management and analytics system. ViewLogic Release 7.2 delivers improved workflow performance, better auditing visibility, additional system security and upgraded industry-standard technology platforms. Two Tier 1 North American carriers are currently implementing ViewLogic 7.2.

“Vibrant Solutions introduced ViewLogic 7 on May 1, 2004, and at the same time announced Verizon Services Organization as one of its first customers. Since then nine carriers have purchased our cost management solutions,” said Simon Krieger, Vibrant Solutions’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We developed this new release in collaboration with our customers.”

Enhancements to ViewLogic in Release 7.2 include:

Better audit visibility – Network circuit and feature auditing details are now visible to the analyst in a simpler way; thus allowing the analyst to make dispute decisions in an easier, faster manner.

Automated database management and improved system performance – supported by Oracle® 10g.

Improved reporting, tracking and analytics – delivered through a sophisticated, user-friendly, web interface, incorporating Business ObjectsTM 6.5 Web Intelligence.

Expanded security – In addition to row-level security and encryption features in the ViewLogic platform, carrier security administrators are now afforded additional password management options and improved transaction logging. These improvements will help carriers meet stringent control requirements, such as those suggested by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.